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Trees for Honolulu's Future

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Trees for Honolulu’s Future‘s mission is to reduce O’ahu’s contribution to climate change and the heat island effect, and thus, simultaneously conserving electric power. They hope to encourage and facilitate planning, planting and maintaining shade trees along streets, parks and other places throughout O’ahu… making O’ahu a shade tree friendly island. They work on educating their citizenry on the importance of shade trees in making their island more livable and more beautiful as temperatures rise in the tropics.


Lisa was very pleasant to work with. She approached me needing a new email template designed to overhaul their existing e-newsletter. Their organization had a very successful conference earlier in the year that brought over 200 people together who worked in government, private, non-profit and educational capacities to focus on how to overcome barriers to expanding the urban tree canopy for their island. They lost momentum and wanted to recapture it with a newsletter and campaign to stay in touch with their stakeholder groups plus those that subscribed to their content. I worked with Lisa closely to design a custom e-newsletter template and an email flow for their organization.

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Trees for Honolulu's Future

"Angela was amazing. Very prompt, very professional. I had a project to start a newsletter and she made me a few templates to choose from with our logo, photos, etc."

Lisa M., September 2018

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